FMS specializes in finding, buying, managing, and selling farms and forests in the Southern Cone of South America. We combine a unique understanding of long-term agribusiness trends with local land market knowledge.

Founded in 2004 as a partnership of Luis Romero and F&W Forestry Services (one of the largest independent forestry management companies in the U.S.) the company sought tangible investments opportunities in the emerging Latin American market.

The joint venture with F&W expired after 10 years in 2015, and both companies remain available to team up again in a case by case basis, while FMS keeps serving a wide range of international clients based in Europe and the U.S., including financial institutions such as pension funds and high net worth individuals.

In FMS we strongly believe in the necessity of encouraging international trade links this is why we are continually exploring in new markets and establishing new commercial relationships. At present, we are breaking new ground in the relations with Asia and the Middle East areas.

Now, FMS is focusing in developing environmental services, starting with Carbon Credit, to be created from FMS’s clients in the Southern Cone countries.



We have a combination of local knowledge and international perspective, which is rare in South America.

We operate with international standards for professional consultants and managers and work for demanding institutional clients in:

Strategy »

Focused in the Southern Cone area of Latin America, we target high performing operations to provide strong financial returns to our investors while meeting the environmental and social requirements of the community we invest in. We work together with investors from the strategy formulation, which represents the very first step in a cooperative business relationship and what allows us to accompany them through the life of the investment.

Our work »

Is to assist investors to acquire and manage assets in the agribusiness sector, including production and sale of environmental services. Always pursuing what fits best for them we offer full-service management throughout the whole investing process. We strive to consistently anticipate our investors’ needs as they seek to enjoy the benefits of their investment today, while conserving and renewing the resource for tomorrow.

Our investment opportunities, based on solid data and analysis, are calculated to fit individual objectives. FMS acts as the clients’ trusted guide through the Latin American markets, offering full-service management through the life of the investment.

We strive to consistently anticipate our clients’ needs as they seek to enjoy the benefits of their investment today, while conserving and renewing the resource for tomorrow. We do so by encouraging independence and a “can do” attitude among our professionals.


Corporate responsibility is smart business and an integral part of our company culture. Preserving and investing in the communities within which we work has a two-fold benefit of lifting the community and thereby the land investments within it.


With land as an integral part of our business, FMS understands the importance of preserving and conserving its resources through environmental responsibility, in line with or tougher than U.S. and Europe environmental laws. We focus in the generation of environmental services, like carbon sequestration, biodiversity and water and nutrient cycles.

We pay special attention to soil and water conservation, as well as protection of endangered species. We prepared, audited and approved a protocol for carbon credit trading from our forests and together with F&W Forestry Services, got ready to trade at the Chicago Climate Exchange.

In our own offices, we recycle papers and plastics and have incorporated alternative sources of energy (wind and solar). We have created a culture of awareness in our organization, showing that everyone can contribute and even the smallest detail (like using recycled paper for our tour books) can make a difference.


Seeing children as the next generation, we focus many of our community relations’ projects on organizations that work to provide educational opportunities. We not only dedicate resources (money, clothes, etc), but we also help them develop strategies that will allow them to grow.

We have a long-term commitment with a social organization called Los Pinos (www.lospinos.org.uy), an educational center that works with under-privileged children in one of Uruguay’s poorest neighborhoods. We are also developing an association with the very well-known Boys & Girls Club of America (USA) (www.bgca.org).

Other community relations’ work includes developing good relationships with our neighbors and the communities surrounding our farms. We always help public schools and sanitary agencies in the areas where we operate.



We can introduce our clients to real estate deals of different characteristics. We work with frontier land, excellent soil quality, good rainfall and extremely low prices but weak infrastructure and almost no cash on cash but great expected capitalization.

We deal with mature farms with lower expected capitalization but a stable cash flow already in place. We can also recommend deals related to higher and better use of land like farms that can be used for country clubs, hotels or housing projects.


FMS joined the UN Global Compact

FMS joined the United Nations Global Compact a commitment to do business responsibly by aligning our strategies and operations with Ten Principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption; and taking strategic actions to advance broader societal goals.